Office Of The Executive Director:

Peter J. Skandalakis, Executive Director
Todd Ashley, Deputy Director
Randy Cobb, Chief Administrative Officer

Lalaine Briones, Director of State Prosecution Support

The administrative staff includes the office of the Director and his staff. The Director is responsible to the Council for coordinating the activities of the Council staff, and the management of Council and District Attorney budgets.

State Prosecution Support:

State Prosecution Support is committed to providing optimum professional support to the prosecutors of this State. To that end, each division - State Prosecution Support and General Counsel - have unique responsibilities and focuses on specialized areas of prosecution practice.

General Counsel:

The General Counsel provides legal advice to members of the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council and the Council staff. This includes providing guidance on contracts, employment matters and regulatory issues. He serves as the professional responsibility officer for the district attorneys and solicitors-general and provides guidance on ethics and professional responsibility issues faced by prosecutors throughout the state. Additionally, during the annual sessions of the Georgia General Assembly, he reviews and monitors legislation that potentially impacts prosecution or the criminal justice system. He drafts legislation or amendments to pending legislation as requested by district attorneys, solicitors-general and legislators.

Capital Litigation:

Capital cases, which are litigated with unusual tenacity, regularly raise legal issues that can be exceptionally difficult to resolve. So that convictions and sentences might withstand federal and state constitutional challenges at the appellate level, the Capital Litigation Division in the Atlanta office assists trial prosecutors by providing in-court assistance, technical advice, as well as legal research in pending trial and appellate matters. The Unit also serves as a clearinghouse for information related to death penalty cases and updates district attorneys' offices with recent developments in capital litigation.


As the "business hemisphere" of the agency, Operations services the many technical, financial, training and communications needs of the prosecution profession in Georgia. The subdivisions within the Operations Division include Fiscal Services, Training Services, Information Technology, Victims' Services and Publications and Graphics Design.