Important Changes to PAC In-State Training Policies

The Prosecuting Attorneys' Council revised the policies governing training programs conducted by PAC in order to respond to the reductions in funding due to the economic situation. At their meeting on March 27, 2009, Council members voted to change the policies that determine who is eligible to attend PAC training programs and governing reimbursement from state funds of expenses. The new policy applies to all training conducted after March 27.

Under the new policy, attendees at PAC programs will only be reimbursed by PAC for attending courses that meet the annual training requirements set by the Supreme Court of Georgia or the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council. Generally this will mean that state funds will only pay for official expenses incurred in meeting the required 12 hours of CLE or POST. Eligible prosecutors and support staff may attend more than one program during the year but they will not be reimbursed from state funds. Newly admitted prosecutors will still be eligible to be reimbursed for expenses if they attend the Fundamentals of Prosecution Course and the Basic Litigation Course in the same year. The restrictions will not apply to programs that are funded by a grant.

In addition, individuals who attend training programs that are not directly related to their jurisdiction will not be eligible for reimbursement. This will mean that a prosecutor whose jurisdiction is limited to misdemeanors will not be reimbursed if they attend a program devoted exclusively to felony crimes. In addition, after July 1, 2009, part-time prosecutors who also represent criminal defendants in state, juvenile and superior court will not be eligible to be reimbursed for expenses.

The Council also voted to tighten the attendance policies for part-time prosecutors.

The new policy requires prosecutors who work exclusively in the municipal, probate and magistrates courts to provide PAC with official certification from the governing authority of the city or county that their position has been created by local law or ordinance. The city or county must annually provide PAC with documentation of the prosecutor's appointment. Prosecutors who work in these courts who do not provide the required documentation will not be allowed to register for or attend state funded PAC training programs.