Wright Sworn in as District Attorney of the Augusta Judicial Circuit

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rebecca "Ashley" Wright was sworn in as the new district attorney for the Augusta Judicial Circuit on Monday, May 19, 2008, by Governor Sonny Perdue at the Capitol in Atlanta. Wright fills the position vacated by former District Attorney Danny Craig who was appointed to serve as a Superior Court Judge in the Augusta Judicial Circuit in January.

"I am honored to be appointed and to be able to represent the people of the State of Georgia and, most particularly, of this Circuit," said Wright.

Before her appointment, Wright served as assistant district attorney for the Augusta Circuit under Danny Craig, who introduced her at Monday's ceremony.

"Governor Perdue, it is my distinct honor and special pleasure to introduce Rebecca Ashley Wright as your appointee to the Office of District Attorney for the Augusta Judicial Circuit," began Craig.

"When the District Attorney walks into a courtroom, she is the only person who represents every person in the room - the victim, the accused, the witnesses, the jurors and yes, even the judge," continued Craig. "Her responsibilities are so vast that no one in the courtroom, besides her, fully understands her role in our constitutional system of justice."

"The DA is indispensable to good law enforcement officers, and must be accessible 24/7. In her office, she serves as lead trial lawyer, educator, manager, mediator, and mentor," said Craig.

Craig continued. "For the good of her community, she needs to be right when she speaks. And to be right she must be a dedicated student of the law. The commitment of time is beyond that of any other calling in our society. Anything less will compromise the quality of justice in the community and the quality of life for its citizens. I can attest that the person who is about to take the oath of office today is uniquely qualified to carry out every one of these challenging responsibilities."

Wright was sworn in at the House of Representatives before an audience of family, friends and colleagues, including her parents Bob and Becky Wright. Also in attendance were Wright's brother Bobby, who held the Bible during her swearing in, along with his wife, Michelle and their children Raley, Anne Sutton and Scout . Representative Barbara Sims of Augusta , Judge Jack Ruffin of the Georgia Court of Appeals and members of the Augusta Judicial Circuit staff we re also in attendance.

In addition to serving as an assistant district attorney, Wright serves as an adjunct professor at Georgia Military College.  Previously, she served as a law clerk at Groover and Childs of Macon, Georgia.  Wright is a member of the Augusta Bar Association and volunteers with Child Enrichment, Rape Crisis, the Augusta Symphony, and the Junior League of Augusta. Wright obtained a bachelor's degree from Randolph-Macon Woman's College and a law degree from Mercer University.