Allison Mauldin Named 2008 Assistant District Attorney Of The Year

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Allison Mauldin, assistant district attorney for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, has been selected as the 2008 Assistant District Attorney of the Year by the District Attorneys' Association of Georgia. The announcement was made on Sunday, July 27, 2008 at the 48 th Annual Summer Conference held at the Jekyll Island Convention Center on Jekyll Island, Georgia, and sponsored by the Prosecuting Attorneys' Council.

"I am honored and humbled to have been recognized statewide for my service this past year," said Mauldin. "I accept this award on behalf of my former colleagues in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit who worked tirelessly alongside of me during a very difficult time."

During the opening session of the conference, four outstanding members of the prosecutorial community were recognized as the 2008 District Attorney, Solicitor-General, Assistant District Attorney and Assistant Solicitor-General of the Year. This year, the District Attorneys' Association recognized Spencer Lawton Jr. of the Eastern Judicial Circuit as the 2008 District Attorney of the Year. Mauldin was named the Assistant District Attorney of the Year. The Georgia Association of Solicitors-General recognized Benjamin S. Richardson of Muscogee County as Solicitor-General of the Year, while Amy Radley, chief assistant solicitor-general of Forsyth County was honored as the Assistant Solicitor-General of the Year.

Mauldin was nominated by the Barrow County Sheriff's Office, the assistant district attorneys who formerly staffed the office of the district attorney of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit, and the Georgia attorney general's office.

Mauldin served as the senior assistant district attorney in the Piedmont Judicial Circuit from 1998 until December of 2006. She was the chief assistant district attorney there from January of 2007 through June, 2007. She served as interim district attorney from June 2007 through September 6, 2007.

Rick Currie, district attorney for the Waycross Judicial Circuit and 2008-2009 president of the District Attorneys' Association of Georgia, presented the award to Mrs. Mauldin.

"This year's recipient is a true leader," said Currie. "She carries herself with grace and dignity. She is also calm, encouraging, and takes great pride in her work."

Currie read from her nomination letters.

"Alley was tasked with the tremendous burden of maintaining service from the Piedmont Judicial Circuit's district attorney's office when the previous district attorney was charged with several criminal acts," said Major and Chief Deputy Murray Kogod of the Barrow County Sheriff's Office. "Not only did service go uninterrupted, but the level of cooperation and communication between the Barrow County Sheriff's Office and the district attorney's office improved dramatically. We began to see a level of service from our DA's office that we had never seen in the past. I truly believe that this occurred as a result of Alley's leadership and management."

"Under tremendous stress, Alley maintained a calm presence while keeping the office functioning in order to prosecute cases and protect victims," said the recommendation letter from former assistant district attorneys of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit. "As interim DA, Alley worked hard to establish credibility in the community. She met with government representatives, law enforcement agencies, and community and civic organizations. She even spearheaded a multi-county initiative to integrate the computer systems of all the judicial agencies. In the end, all three county governments agreed to purchase the necessary computer software that she suggested. Alley is an inspiring leader with true integrity and professionalism."

Mauldin was also nominated by David S. McLaughlin, senior assistant attorney general in the Georgia attorney general's office.

"Mrs. Mauldin is a capable and dedicated career prosecutor," began McLaughlin in his nomination letter. "Yet the events of 2007 are what uniquely qualify her for this year's honor. The crimes and subsequent investigation of the former district attorney worked to tear the Piedmont Judicial Circuit apart. Alley, then chief assistant district attorney, worked tirelessly to keep the office together, both before and after the resignation of the district attorney."

"Alley and staff withstood media onslaught, skepticism, and criticism," continued McLaughlin. "When everyone else seemed ready to abandon Alley and her office, she preserved and managed to keep the office moving forward and justice dispensed in the circuit. Indeed, when she became the interim district attorney, Alley quickly moved the office beyond the disgrace of the former district attorney. Other similarly situated prosecutors would have been hard pressed to have accomplished what she did. Alley's candidacy for this year's award has my highest endorsement."

Mauldin received a bachelor's degree in criminal justice from the University of Georgia in 1985 and a juris doctor from the University of Georgia School of Law in 1989. Her professional career began in 1989 when she worked as a law clerk in Fulton County State Court. She then worked as an assistant solicitor in the Gwinnett County solicitor-general's office from January 1990 until May of 1998. She began working in district attorney's office of the Piedmont Judicial Circuit in 1998.

Mauldin is the daughter of Wayne and Tecie Thatcher of Sandy Springs, Georgia . She is married to Ken Mauldin, district attorney of the Western Judicial Circuit. The couple has three children.