District Attorney to 'Serve it Up' for a Good Cause

Monday, April 21, 2008

On Monday, April 28, 2008, members of the Warner Robins community will be "serving it up" for a good cause. A host of celebrity waiters, like District Attorney Kelly Burke of the Houston Judicial Circuit, will don their aprons for the day and become part of the wait staff at Cheddar's of Warner Robbins and Leta's on the Square in Perry. They are seeking the community's financial support through generous tips and donations that will directly benefit the Rainbow House Children's Resource Center of Warner Robins.

"This is the highlight of the year for me. Anything I can do to help the Rainbow House is worth the effort. I am truly unskilled labor when it comes to being a waiter, but the folks at Cheddar's are wonderful to support us as we raise funds for such a great cause," said District Attorney Burke.

"The Rainbow House serves children in the community who are the victims of the most heinous crimes possible: crimes against children," continued Burke. "The forensic interviewing that the Rainbow House performs safeguards children from being victimized yet again by having to repeatedly tell their story. Plus the counseling and victim protection that the Rainbow House provides children and their families helps keep abuse from recurring. Jurors trust the Rainbow House, children trust the Rainbow House and the community supports it because this community cares about its children."

"In Houston County, we saw 332 confirmed cases of child abuse in 2007, which includes sexual abuse, physical cruelty and deprivation," said DA Burke. "That is 332 cases too many, but we are getting better each year in recognition, counseling and prosecution. One thing that we have found is that child abuse crosses all social and economic barriers. With continued public recognition and intervention, we can achieve a community that is free of child abuse," said Burke.

"Having tried numerous child sexual abuse cases over the years, I can tell you that jurors have been incredibly impressed with the Rainbow House," said Burke. " The Rainbow House provides a safe and comfortable environment where children can be forensically interviewed and tell their story in their own words. The interview is recorded, so the children only have to tell their story one time. This eliminates the need for later interviews so that children don't have to relive their abuse over and over again. The rainbow house also provides expert testimony for trial, to help jurors understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of abuse presented in the evidence in a child abuse trial."

District Attorney Kelly Burke will go on-shift at Cheddar's Restaurant in Warner Robbins on Monday, April 28 beginning at 5:30 p.m. Chief Assistant District Attorney Jason Ashford will be waiting tables at Leta's on the Square in Perry, also at 5:30. If you can't make it to either location, you can drop off donations at the Rainbow House or send your donation directly to the office of District Attorney Kelly Burke at: District Attorney, 201 Perry Pkwy, Perry, GA 31069.