Business Record Certification

The Prosecuting Attorneys' Council has produced a Business Record Certification form which complies with OCGA Sect. 24-8-803(6) and OCGA Sect. 25-9-902(11).  The Certification is patterned after the Federal Business Record Certification.  Also we have produced a form cover letter, patterned after the Federal Cover letter,  which may be used to accompany the subpoena for the production of the business record and the Certification.  Each form is for your use as a go-by for obtaining and introducing business records in trials commencing after January 1, 2013.  The forms can be found  under the secure "Members Resources" section of our website.  The direct link is listed below.

Should you have any questions concerning these forms please contact any PAC attorney in the State Prosecution Support Division at:  404-969-4001.