TEAMWORKS Travel & Expense (Concur)

The Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council (PAC) has elected to participate in the State’s online TEAMWORKS Travel & Expense (TTE) system (CONCUR) with the State Accounting Office (SAO).  Through this system the entire travel and expense process is automated, with the goal of providing faster service to you and increasing efficiency for PAC staff.  Effective July 1, 2013, state employees are required to submit all travel reimbursement requests via TTE.  State employees are already set up as users in the system and are encouraged to begin using TTE right away.


Q. What is Teamworks Travel & Expense (Concur)?

Teamworks Travel & Expense (Concur) is the State 's web-based, fully automated and  paperless travel reimbursement system that is integrated with the State’s financial management system – Peoplesoft.

Q.  What are some of the features of Teamworks Travel & Expense (Concur)?

  • Audit rules and travel policy "hard-wired" - per diem automatically calculated
  • Integrated with Map-quest for mileage calculations.
  • Automatic email notifications at each stage of processing


Q.  What are some of the advantages and benefits of Teamworks Travel & Expense (Concur)?

  • Faster reimbursement
  • 100% Elimination of paper
  • Ability to submit electronic receipts using a scanner, fax or Smart Phone
  • Faster processing with increased consistency and accuracy.
  • Ability for DAs to approve, deny, or return travel vouchers for correction, even when out of the office - via internet or Smart Phone.
  • Powerful reporting to provide better information to  manage travel budgets
  • Strengthens enforcement of travel policies
  • State-wide reports on spending aid negotiations with travel vendors – Airlines, Hotels & Car Rental companies