Sowers Named Assistant Solicitor-General of the Year

Amber Sowers, Chief Assistant Solicitor-General for Hall County, was named “Assistant Solicitor-General of the Year for 2015” on May 6 during the 2015 Georgia Association of Solicitors-General (GASG) conference hosted by the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia (PAC).

The conference was held in Savannah, Georgia from May 6-8. Each year during the conference, the Georgia Association of Solicitors-General (GASG) presents this award to recognize outstanding leadership and dedication in the field of prosecution.

“I am truly honored to be recognized for the work I have done as a prosecutor,” said Sowers. “It is a privilege to be the voice in the courtroom for victims in this State.”

Sowers has served Hall County in state court for nine years and has tried more than 100 jury trials. During her tenure as assistant solicitor-general she has successfully served under three different solicitors-general and has trained and mentored more than 16 young attorneys who have gone on to serve the legal community, predominantly in the prosecution arena.

“Amber is a professional, intellectual and compassionate prosecutor who tirelessly and passionately represents victims in Hall County,” said Hall County Solicitor-General Stephanie Woodard, who nominated her for the award. “Her commitment to justice and improving our community is unparalleled.” 

That commitment to justice and victims’ rights was evident in a highly publicized 2013 BUI, Homicide by Vessel case in Hall County Superior Court where Sowers was sworn as a special assistant district attorney. Not only did Sowers bond with the family of the two young men killed on Lake Lanier, but she also carried the highly technical portion of the trial on her shoulders throughout the protracted and difficult case.

“I see Amber reach out and affect the lives of many, many people in our community,” said Woodard. “She successfully represents victims in marginalized populations, while speaking to all parties in our cases with respect and dignity.”

Sowers serves on the board of directors for Children’s Center for Hope and Healing, an agency that serves sexually abused children in Hall County. Additionally, she leads a teenage girl’s youth group at Buford First Baptist Church. 

“Being a prosecutor is a rewarding career,” said Sowers. “I am blessed to be able to serve my community doing what I love.”