District Attorneys' Association of Georgia Recognizes Representative Rich Golick

On October 11, 2016, the District Attorneys’ Association of Georgia (DAAG) recognized Representative Rich Golick for his leadership and hard work during the 2015-2016 Session of the Georgia General Assembly.  The award was presented during the Formulytics Gang User Conference hosted by the Cobb County Police Department, during which Golick addressed investigators and stakeholders from all over the state on the State Legislature perspectives related to Georgia’s problem with street gangs.  During the Session, Golick was a strong supporter of House Bill 874, legislation designed to combat street gang terrorism by improving the ability to prosecute criminal acts committed by gang members.

“Cobb County is fortunate to have Rep. Golick in the House,” says Cobb County District Attorney Vic Reynolds. “He has been instrumental in supporting tough anti-gang statutes in Georgia.”

Golick served as a member of the House Appropriations Committee and the House Rules Committee.  He also served as Chairman of the House Judiciary Non-Civil Committee, a committee tasked with reviewing any legislation that has an effect on the criminal justice process.

“Rep. Golick has undertaken several important issues for law enforcement and prosecutors alike,” says Chuck Spahos, Executive Director of the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia.  “He has approached these issues with thoughtfulness and consideration for all interested parties, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be heard and that the resulting legislation is sound.”

Golick was essential in carrying House Bill 941, which amends the grand jury process specifically related to incidents involving a peace officer’s use of force that results in death or serious bodily injury. House Bill 941 allows for a Grand Jury to exercise its civil authority to conduct an inquiry into incidents resulting in a law enforcement officer’s use of force.  The bill also requires that, in the event a Grand Jury decides to consider action against a peace officer, a court reporter must be present during the presentation of evidence.

“Golick is a respected leader in this State.” Spahos said. “His careful and deliberate consideration of all matters relative to the criminal justice system is what sets him apart.”