Georgia Recognizes Advocates During Prosecution-Based Victim Advocates' Day at the Capitol


February 28, 2017 – ATLANTA, GA – More than 100 prosecution-based victim advocates gathered at the Georgia State Capitol to be recognized for the services they provide to victims of all crime types throughout the state. The event was sponsored by Rep. Mandi Ballinger (R 23) and the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia.   Additionally, Senate Resolution 197 proclaiming the day was presented by Senator Jesse Stone (R 23).

The advocates in attendance represented District Attorneys’ and Solicitors’-General offices statewide and are responsible for providing mandated victim services to all victims of crime as provided by the Georgia Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights and other statutes. (See O.C.G.A. §17-17-1). The theme of the day “All Victims. Always” recognized the tremendous role these advocates fill, which is invaluable and unique in Georgia due to the natural posture within the court system. Prosecution-based advocates provide crime victims with important and updated information about the criminal justice process, assistance to help victims participate in the process, notification of court events, and referral to other service providers. Furthermore, prosecution-based advocates are the only providers in Georgia who serve victims of all types including violent offenses such as homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, and crimes against children, as well as invasive and traumatic property crimes such as home burglaries and identity theft, for which fewer services are available from providers outside of prosecution offices. 

As prosecutors seek justice each day in courts across the state, the role of prosecution-based victim advocates bridges the gap for victims who may not be familiar with the criminal justice process or aware of their rights as a crime victim.  It is important that Georgia’s legislators know and understand the tremendous role of these providers and the broad-reaching spectrum of services they provide: from the earliest stages immediately after a crime occurs throughout the court process to include the post-conviction phase.

Prosecution-Based Advocates appreciate the diligent work and attention of our legislators in the current session and in years’ past. 

For more information concerning prosecution-based advocates and the services available, please contact:
Prosecuting Attorneys’ Council of Georgia
Victim Services Program
1590 Adamson Parkway, 4th Floor
Morrow, GA 30260

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