Becoming a Member of the State Bar of Georgia

In order to be an assistant district attorney or an assistant solicitor-general, you must be an active member in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia. O.C.G.A. ยงยง 15-18-21(b), 15-18-72(a). You must also be admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Georgia and the Georgia Court of Appeals. Ibid. Surprisingly, it is not an unusual occurrence for a newly admitted attorney to pass the Bar, get sworn in as a member of the Bar by a Superior Court Judge and then forget to submit the registration forms to the State Bar of Georgia and pay the annual dues. These forms are contained on the State Bar of Georgia's website under Membership, How to Join. It is your responsibility to complete all of the paperwork the Bar sends you and submit it within the deadlines.

Until you have turned in all required paperwork to the Bar and paid your dues, you cannot appear in court as a prosecuting attorney.

If you were admitted to practice under the Georgia Supreme Court Rules governing Law School Graduates, your authority to practice as a law school graduate ends on the last day of the month following the release of the results of the Bar examination. Ga. S.Ct R. 100.